Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Saturday, July 24th, we spend the day with President & Sister Dalton (center) and the Robbins touring Pearl Harbor. We got to see sights that most tourists don't get to see such as the machine gun bullet holes along a runway airstrip where a Japanese was flying behind a truck with two service men driving. They looked in their rearview mirror to see the plane coming behind them and both baled out; both survived.

Just before we go on board of the US Missouri Battleship.

We were given VIP Treatment at the US Missouri. The gentleman with the hat on is Sam Lowe and he is a member of the Church who is in charge of the US Missouri Battleship.
Walking onto the US Missouri Battleship.

This plaque marks the spot on the US Missouri where General McArthur and the Emperor of Japan came together to sign the peace documents bringing WWII to an end.

I think this photograph is definitely worth a "1,000 words." In fact, words probably can't fully express the horrors of this day!

You take a boat over to see the US Arizona Memorial.

At the US Arizona Memorial they listed all the names of the men who went down on this battleship and today are entombed under the water. Any survivor of that day, who served on the ship, can have their remains also interred at this spot as well.

I thought this was a fun "antique" of Uncle Sam located at the US Missouri Battleship.