Monday, April 26, 2010

I just love these gorgeous trees that line the side of the Church's Tabernacle; amazing burst of color on these blooms!

Come along with us on our Sunday Afternoon Stroll! So many beautiful flowers!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every Friday we like to walk to Waikiki to have dinner at Cheesecake Factory. It's about a 3 mile round trip walk. Great fun to see the sights and most interesting people parading around. Also saw the fireworks over at the Hilton and got Frozen Yogurt. Great Evening!

Always on the look out for Treasures to take home to family! Found a few things~

This is where we spent our Saturday Afternoon today. Wish you could join us!

I love the reading glasses under the sunglasses - Very COOL!

Lee loves to read and take a NAP in the Sun.

We took a beautiful stroll along Kailua Beach.

We have a great setup for when we go to the beach; chairs, umbrella, classic Hawaiian towels, picnic/cooler for lunch and drinks. Life is Good!

Lee has found two new friends! Pretty cute girls but I was keeping a close eye.

I've pick out the house I would love to have . . . the owners just don't know it!

Perfect day for CLOUDS

I have to say that my FEET are the best they have ever been - with the moist climate & sand, all the rough spots have gone away!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here are our FootPrints in the Sand . . .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We had a wonderful P-Day today! Drove up to the North Shore and saw so many fun sites along the way. Walked through the Waimea National Park for a couple hours and saw the Water Falls there.

So many Pappayas on this one tree!

Such a beautiful Hibiccus Blossom!

But I really liked this Hawaiian Shirt! Can't I have it!!??? Please, Please . . .

This yard was full of painted Surf Boards but my favorite was . . .

The Mona Lisa Board caught my eye, but she looks more like Monte Lee than Mona Lisa!

We took a beautiful walk through Waimea Park that took a couple of hours; so many unusual plants that we have never seen.

Mr. Peacock definitely runs the place!

I Love the Gown!

I love this little FURRY Bloom!

I thought this was an amazing bloom of red, green and yellow!

And finally . . . the WATERFALL! It wasn't big, but it was a pretty setting.

We passed huge pineapple fields that go on for miles. A pineapple plant only produces 1 pineapple in the first year and 2 pineapples the second year; then you start over again and have to plant new pineapple plants.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

For those of you asking what our Apartment is like . . . HERE is the Grand Tour! Here is our main living area!

View off our Lanai of Beautiful Honolulu!

Besides the Specular View of Honolulu, this is the prettiest thing in our apartment!

I REALLY Miss My Kitchen at Home! The only thing I like about this Kitchen is the Lavender Orchid!

Front Living area with my "desk" and laptop.

Dinky Little Bathroom - would easily fit 5 times inside my bathroom at Home!

Obviously our Bedroom. There is a flood light outside that comes in through this window so I have to sleep with an Eye Mask! I miss the dark nights of Elk Ridge!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Every time Elders' Barraza & Connor's phone rings they do this "Russian" Jig! I may just have to join in next time their phone rings!


I took my first "official" HULA Lesson last night (the lesson on the elevator does not count!) and have to confess I got the Giggles when we got to the hand motions about the Rainbow, the Mountain and the Sea . . . the little gal next to me also started to laugh. I just want you all to know it's NOT Easy to do, but I am practicing for my upcoming premier performance - coming soon to a theater near you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I need to explain this! Today at Church a sweet older Sister, Sister Ella Lam, gave me a little Handmade Box that she made from a Thank You card that I gave her a couple weeks ago. I love "thankyou notes" and wrote her a card when she gave me a beautiful Hawaiian Lei after we spoke in Sacrament Meeting. So with my Thank You note to her, she made me a darling little box and inside the box were two dollar bills folded into a shirt for Elder Freeman, and a frog for me that if you tap the back of it this frog can jump! So thoughtful!!! The members of the Makiki Ward are so loving and kind!
Sister Lourdes Kepo'o demostrates the ALOHA like no one else! I love her crown of seashells!
Lee loves his P-Day and takes advantage of going to the Beach every Saturday. This day he was able to swim with 2 large turtles!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

There is a story here . . . about a week ago President Peterson called Lee on the phone and the call identified the caller as PRESIDENT. Lee saw who was calling and answered the phone: "President Freeman" instead of Elder Freeman! It was funny, but now Lee on rare occasion parks our car in the President's stall when we know he's not coming into the office. So I tease him about taking over the President's office next! NOT!!!

Really, Elder Freeman only parks here when we know the President is off island!

So; it's Saturday and that's our P-Day and just as we were getting ready to get onto the freeway to drive over to Lanikai when we get a desperate phone call from Elders Eteaki and Ieolu - they locked their keys in their apartment and could not retrieve them so . . . to the rescue we go! It's always nice to save the day~

Saturday is our P-Day so we found ourselves at this beach over at Lanikai. We only could stay an hour and a half because the Mission President asked that we run out to the airport to pick up a new couple arriving this afternoon. But Lee managed to get some snorkeling in and swam with a couple of turtles!

Today we went to the beach over at LANIKAI and found this fabulous home for sale on the beach. I say let's all take up a collection and start saving to buy this . . . I'm sure it's 3-4 million, but can I just say WHAT A VIEW!

This would be your view!
Is there a DOCTOR in the house? Aaaaaa . . . that would be you Sister Freeman (you have got to be kidding ME!) Yesterday at the office was non-stop Medical problems with the missionaries! I really spend the whole day taking calls from missionaries, calling Salt Lake Missionary Medical Emergency Line (since they were gone for the day), calling our Medical Area Advisor in California Dr. Layton & calling Dr. Sharon Lawler (member of the Church) here in Honolulu: Here is the breakdown:
1. Elder with Blood in Stool for 5 months (sorry folks - remember, I'm a doctor
now!) is just now calling the Mission Office about it!
2. Elder with Ringworm
3. Elder with Eyeball that really was hurting - pretty good infection.
4. Sister with swollen Tonsils
5. Elder with Ear Ache (had perorated ear drum)
6. Elder needing change to his medications (kind of a serious situation which required calling his parents twice)
It was unbelievable, but the bottom line: we survived! Elder #1 had to have a CT Scan at Queens hospital and he will get the results of the Scan next week.
I now pray for GOOD HEALTH for all these great Missionaries! WHEW!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lee with Elders Barazza (knows George from Payson High) and Ieolu (Robbins in the background) Sister Robbins loves Uncle George!

Look who showed up for Dinner on Sunday!