Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is there a DOCTOR in the house? Aaaaaa . . . that would be you Sister Freeman (you have got to be kidding ME!) Yesterday at the office was non-stop Medical problems with the missionaries! I really spend the whole day taking calls from missionaries, calling Salt Lake Missionary Medical Emergency Line (since they were gone for the day), calling our Medical Area Advisor in California Dr. Layton & calling Dr. Sharon Lawler (member of the Church) here in Honolulu: Here is the breakdown:
1. Elder with Blood in Stool for 5 months (sorry folks - remember, I'm a doctor
now!) is just now calling the Mission Office about it!
2. Elder with Ringworm
3. Elder with Eyeball that really was hurting - pretty good infection.
4. Sister with swollen Tonsils
5. Elder with Ear Ache (had perorated ear drum)
6. Elder needing change to his medications (kind of a serious situation which required calling his parents twice)
It was unbelievable, but the bottom line: we survived! Elder #1 had to have a CT Scan at Queens hospital and he will get the results of the Scan next week.
I now pray for GOOD HEALTH for all these great Missionaries! WHEW!


Hen Pecks said...

Eww. Bet you didn't know this would be part of the script when you took this job.

steve&kathi tanner said...

I'll remember to call you Dr. Diana. Great name for you, as the most compassionate beautiful Dr. around.