Monday, March 15, 2010

This picture show a most unusual Mosaic on the Honolulu Hawaii Stake Tabernacle. The Church building was dedicated August 17, 1941 by then Elder David O. McKay and the Mosaic artist was Eugene Francis Savage. He made the tiny blocks in his studio in New York, pasted them in proper sequence on sheets of heavy paper 2 feet square and shipped them to Honolulu. There are over 100,000 tiny blocks in this 19 ft. high mosaic. Instead of the traditional bowed head and sorrowful face, the head is erect and the expression is one of serenity and exaltation. Elder McKay, then a member of the 12, blessed the tabernacle that it would not suffer any war-related damage. While the mosaic was being installed Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. The steeple is 141 ft. tall and during the war was used as a homing beacon for ships entering Honolulu Harbor.


allison said...

I have never seen that before. Who knew?

Douceur de Vivre said...

My great-grandfather put the mosaic together on the building after it was shipped here.