Sunday, May 9, 2010

Amazing PHONE CALL today in the Office. I answered the phone and the lady on the other line said "What do I do to get Baptized into your Church?" Now I ask you how often do people come to you wanting to join the church without even having the lessons taught! She shared with me that her father is Jewish, her mother Catholic and for years she has observed all the churches and believes that the only happy people are the Mormons! She has noticed that the good kids in the High School are the Mormon kids and she wants that for her own children! She asked if she could just show up at Church on Sunday!!! Of course I immediately placed a call to the Elders in her area and they are taking her to Church followed by her first lesson! Like I said: Amazing! Interesting how some people can see this contrast, and yet we have own members in the Church who are less active because they don't appreciate what the Church does in the lives of it's members. We are SOOOO BLESSED to have the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives to help us along the way!

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steve&kathi tanner said...

That really was a out of the ordinary exciting and amazing phone call to receive. "Golden"! And it is always important to be reminded of how our examples do influence others. We were just reading in Alma 39, about the bad example of Corianton. And Alma goes on the give the most profound Chapters on the resurrection in 40-42.