Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sister Misinale "Brittany" Toki (shorter sister) and Sister Fa'aa'e "Theresa" Lata are true PIONEERS! They are the first Sisters sent to the Christmas Islands and the first American Sisters to serve on the Marshall Islands. Talk about primitive conditions - no one on the island has furniture so they sleep on hard dirt floors, sit and teach on floors, and eat on the floor! Their diet consists of rice, fish and coconut EVERYDAY! We told them we would take them anywhere for dinner and they picked of all places - McDonalds! They were just darling and such great examples to me - so willing to give up everything to serve our Heavenly Father~


Jonathan said...

Cute girls!

steve&kathi tanner said...

Wow! The first sister missionaries to be sent to the Christmas Islands and Marshall Island. Sister Toki and Sister Lata are so darling, loved hearing the beautiful language they "learned" by themselves. How great! They will be very effective and powerful missionaries.