Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can you believe this is really happening? Goodness, but you never know what adventures lie right around the corner for this family of ours. I do believe this is one that we all wish we could come along on so you will have to let us live vacariously through you for the next 18 months. Don't skimp on any details . . . we'll want to hear everything and especially what you are eating, right down to how many macadamian nuts you are digesting. That will make me happy to know you aren't starving or suffering too much. Stay healthy and well. Come home safely and we hope to reap some of those blessings that might be passed around. C'mon, you won't need them so divie them out and enjoy every day you are there because I have no doubt that you will shed many tears the day they send you home. Hawaii will be a happier place while you are on the island. Love you both dearly! Oh man . . . you will be missed. Love, Allison

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