Thursday, February 18, 2010

We have nearly completed our first week of training in the MTC. It has been an amazing experience but we definitely come home tired and ready to climb into bed! I was totally surprised that we had such a small group of couple missionaries and older sister missionaries. There were only 11 couples and 3 sisters; the church is just not getting the couples like they need. We were told that the statistics for one of the best years for converts was 300,000 and President Hinckley said that he wanted to see that number doubled; but sad to report . . . that statistic is dropping under the goal of 300,000. I believe that is why the MTC is now taking the approach of training all missionaries to learn how to teach the gospel. Most of this week has been spent in learning from "Preach My Gospel." So in addition to our office assignment we have the challenge of always looking for someone we can introduce the Church to, or to be mindful of the inactives. We will definitely be busy! But busy is good!


allison said...

I'm tired just thinking about it. Ahhhh.... I envy your energy.

Karen said...

How exciting! You look very official doing the Lord's work!!!