Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yesterday we were divided into Districts for training of the Lessons. Brother Whitting is teaching our group and he is a great instructor. Brother & Sister Wells (far left) are going to the Marshall Islands and their assignment sounds really primitive - Lee thinks he would be interested in a similar assignment. They know that they will need to make arrangements for about 20 Church members to go to the Temple for the 1st time. They are deciding between Hawaii and Tahiti depending on expense. We told them that if they decide Hawaii is the way to go that we would like to help in making arrangements from our end! Brother & Sister Davis (far right) are going to serve in Winter Quarters - sounds a little cold to me! Lee & I are the envy of everyone in our group of 11 couples and 3 older Sister Missionaries - can't blame them!

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allison said...

Sister Freeman is quite the fashionesta. A different outfit every day! Looking good.

Look out for Lucretia Thayne on Thursdays, she is up there helping the "senior" couples give discussions. Should have warned you yesterday, hun!!!