Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear Lee & Diana,
I know being away for years in a foreign land, and dealing with harsh extreme climates, natives who speak bizarre languages, and probably have a less than favorable opinion of Americans, not to mention a diet that largely consists of horrible bland and disgusting food can seem like an eternity away from the lush paradise here in Utah . . . do they have beach bungalow housing for senior couples? Well, I am going to pray that time absolutely drags for the both of you. I know I could be quite happy myself selling shoes on the side of the road if it meant that I was living in Hawaii! You two are going to be wonderful out there! I bet I can predict one thing though, being a 19 year old Elder preaching the gospel in paradise is probably pretty maddening with all the um distractions that usually accompany an island paradise, so patience will be quite the virtue for you both! Looking forward to all of the updates and adventures that you are sure to have! We love you and wish you the very best success in all of your efforts! Love, Stephen, Melissa and Maddie

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