Saturday, February 13, 2010


Missionary Journal

We received our call to serve a full time mission for the Church the day before Thanksgiving 2009 to the Honolulu, Hawaiian Mission!! ALOHA!

What an amazing opportunity for us! We will be serving in the Mission Office with Lee’s duties including Finances for the Mission along with apartments and cars, while I’ll be taking on the duties of the Mission President’s secretarial needs.

We are to report to the MTC on Monday morning, February 15, 2010. This will definitely start a new chapter in our lives, but we are excited to give full time service for the Church. We pray that although we are not proseluting missionaries, we will look for opportunites to introduce the Church to those who do not know about the Gospel.

Lee is ready to walk away from the Art Business which has been all time consuming for the past 8+ years, and I’m ready to have more time with him. We know that we will have lots to do, but are happy that we will be able to do it together! This will be such an amazing opportunity to serve and to grow and to learn more about the Gospel.

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